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"There are three things you must ask yourself before you say anything…"

Nobody follows this rule.

This is going on my classroom wall, so that I can point at when I have students begging to interrupt me during teaching time….

I’m terrible at following these rules, but I really need to live by them. 

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I got dirt on my shirt

Look at all the spider webs and dust that accumulated on this blog.

Oh, it is mindboggling how much digital clutter we accumulate over the years. Even after I go through short lived moments of clarity, I insist on clumsily throwing my name on any hastily edited story or pseudo inspirational rant just because I managed to “finish” them. It’s a serious problem.

I do have my reason for rushing things to the web. I used to believe that publishing a short story or essay online was sort of like sharing something with a group in class. The assumption was that the piece would be open to criticism, but not a definite reflection of my abilities. Well… clearly that’s not the case. Sharing your work online is more like scribbling on your white dress shirt before doing an important presentation that will be seen by everyone. If your doodles are nothing but garbage and nonsense, they will take away from your presentation.

In my case, I’m still looking for the magic soap to wash away the marks I’ve made on my shirt over the years. Who knows if I’ll ever really wipe my slate clean, but I’m determined to keep going. That takes me to the real reason why I wrote this post. I wanted to let those who read my scribbles know that I still at it. I’m still writing. I’m still working. I’m still dreaming.

So if you’re a fellow aspiring author, don’t give up. I feel sometimes like abandoned blogs or unfinished digital projects are the emaciated bodies of muses left to die by their artists, but that’s because at times I can’t see beyond the digital landfill. Before the web, writers would crumble or shelve their bad work and move on. Most people didn’t get to see the buckets filled with countless hours of failed projects.

Now that we somewhat get to see those unpolished ideas, let’s not get discouraged by them. It’s an evolving world and everyone alive right now is experiencing to some degree a fundamental change in the way they exchange ideas. The writers of yesterday have a lot to teach us, but those who dare to be authors, poets, or artists nowadays will be breaking new ground. So we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes, because that’s how we’ll find our way through the muck. Heck, I’ve rewritten this post a few times already and I’m sure I’ll do it again in the future.

On that note, I’d like to encourage anyone who needs a pep talk or another human to read his/her work to contact me. I’m not promising any earthshattering insight, but I’ll make an effort to be helpful.

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